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What We Do

We do residential home inspections for buyers that typically take place during a real estate transaction. We also do presale inspections for sellers.


Got a foundation problem? Or a question about a foundation problem?

Call us! We do Structural Evaluations.

Other services include:

  • Commercial building inspections

  • New construction and remodeling consultation

  • Expert testimony

  • Conflict resolution

  • Construction draws

  • Relocation inspections

  • Septic system evaluation

  • Deck Inspections

What to expect during a home inspection

We welcome you to come to the inspection. In fact we encourage it! Being able to see issues in the home while we talk about them is very important. The onsite inspection takes roughly 3-4 hours for most homes, although the time varies significantly depending on the size and age of the house. Every accessible area of the house is inspected. Attic, roof, exterior, interior, basement/crawlspace, structure, mechanical equipment, electrical and plumbing systems are all inspected in detail. Any questions and concerns you have will be addressed!


After the onsite inspection your inspector will go sit down and write the report. Our electronic report will include several pictures and will usually be emailed to you the same day as the inspection. After you receive and read the report please call us with any questions or issues.


All clients are provided free phone consultation for as long as you own the home!

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