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Do I Need A Home Inspection?


We have inspected literally thousands of homes of all types, sizes, ages, and prices. In most every house we have found multiple issues such as improper construction, damaged components or systems, mechanical and electrical problems, unreasonable safety risks, hazardous conditions, moisture problems, leaks, and neglected maintenance. The list seems endless, it’s like ‘Murphy’s Law’. Fortunately not every home has all or even many of these problems but most have some of them in one form or another and in varying degrees.  Why take unnecessary risk? Even if everything looks good to you there is risk, and it is also very important to learn about your home, what it needs and how to care for it, and what to do to prevent future problems.  Bottom line: It is very important to know all you can about what you’re purchasing.


What does the Home Inspection include, what does it cover?


HomeSpec inspections cover the whole house!  General site conditions; drainage concerns, exterior structures, decks, stairs, walks, driveways, retaining walls, etc.  Roofing, roof design-construction issues, and roof drainage are covered.  Structural components including foundations, basements, crawlspaces, framing, wall & floor systems, etc. are evaluated.  Attic & crawlspaces are entered and all accessible areas examined relative to moisture concerns, insulation, ventilation, structural framing, mold, and the utility & mechanical components housed in these spaces are examined as well.  The electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems including equipment, fixtures, all associated controls & components, including the related distribution components and systems are all covered as well.  All the primary kitchen and bath issues are examined and tested when possible.  Interior issues relative to all doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, etc. are evaluated.  We cover the whole house! The inspection findings are then organized and compiled in a state of the art computerized format, easy to read, understand and to manage.


Should I attend the Home Inspection?


It is not necessary to be present for your home inspection but we highly recommend it. As we go through the house together we will talk about the various aspects of the home and discuss the issues you need to be aware of.  You will gain a much better understanding about the home and what it needs if you join us for the inspection.  You should expect your inspection to take 2-3 hours on site.  However, if you cannot be present you can rest assured that the report document will present the results of the inspection in a clear and concise manner.  Also, please contact us personally by telephone to discuss questions you may have after reviewing the report.


What does a Home Inspection cost?


While the price of a home inspection is important it should not be the determining factor in choosing an inspection company, quality of service is primary and varies widely; be sure you get a quality professional inspection.  Our prices vary according to square footage. We will provide you with specific pricing based on the home you have chosen and the services you need. Bigger houses take more time!  We guarantee that you will be able to save multiple times the cost of our inspection by following our recommendations and suggestions for your home. HomeSpec inspections come with the added benefit of free phone consultations with us for as long as you own your home.


Will we receive a written report?


Yes, all of our inspections include a state of the art digital report complete with pictures. 

We use top of the line inspection software. Our report is divided into 9 categories: Roofing, Exterior, Structure, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Insulation, Plumbing, and Interior. There is also a Summary which lists the items that your inspector determined were of more importance. These items usually include safety issues, the more important recommendations, and more expensive problems.


A ‘Reference Library’ section is included to provide you with links to pertinent information about many aspects of the home.  The library is particularly useful for any needs or concerns you may have regarding maintaining, protecting, and managing your home in the future.

You see a sample of our report here.


How do I find the right inspection company?


You already have! Ask your friends on Facebook or talk to people you know and trust. Ask around to as many people as you can; we are confident that you will find HomeSpec to be well respected and appreciated in the community.  We have served the community for a long time and people know our name! We promise to provide you quality service with honesty and integrity.

Can I have an experienced friend or contractor do the inspection for me?

Many people do have significant and valuable knowledge about houses but usually will not have developed skill & specific knowledge regarding all parts of the home necessary to properly analyze the house as a whole, particularly as the various components and systems relate to one another. In Illinois and many other states it is required to have a licensed home inspector perform a home inspection and most purchase contracts require an inspection by a licensed inspector.

Wouldn’t it be better to have specialized contractors do inspections?

Specialized contractors have specific knowledge about their areas of expertise, but normally will not cover all aspects of the system they inspect. For example, an HVAC contractor will inspect the furnace but will not cover ductwork, distribution, energy efficiencies, and how the HVAC system interacts with other systems. These items would be covered by our inspection and if there is any need for further specialized evaluations we will recommend a qualified specialist to assist you.

Aren’t all home inspections the same?

Not at all.  Every inspection company has their own perspective, including what is inspected, to what extent it is inspected, and how issues are reported.

The primary difference is experience and knowledge! The problem starts with the ease with which a person can become licensed as a ‘Home Inspector’ in Illinois. Anyone can get licensed without any prior experience and with very little training and education.  You need an inspector that has significant background and actual home inspection experience, training, and education, as well as the ability to properly communicate the findings.  Unfortunately, these characteristics are not common in the industry. Many inspectors work part-time to make ends meet. We do this full time. Every day we are inspecting and our skill level remains sharp. We stay abreast of current industry standards through continued education. We love what we do and are confident that our services will be very valuable to you.

What is the importance of having an ‘ASHI’ certified inspector?

ASHI is the most respected professional association for home inspectors in North America. The best home inspectors belong to ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors).


ASHI represents quality & excellence in the home inspection industry and is the premier home inspection organization in North America.  Their intent is that ASHI members will provide honest, unbiased, quality services to their clients.  ASHI membership does not guarantee that one is unbiased and honest, however it is the organization’s intent and endeavor. Current membership is approximately 8,000 individuals.  They have been in business since 1976. Membership in ASHI requires a significant amount of experience, education, proven knowledge, and continuing education.  Members must submit to peer evaluations, comply with a written Code of Ethics, and perform services in accord with the ASHI Standards of Practice.


HomeSpec has maintained full membership in ASHI and has performed all inspections exceeding the standards and requirements of the organization. Visit ASHI’s website at


Just a short note to thank you for your expertise and your valued opinions…
we appreciate all that you have done.  
     -Lois L.


Thanks for your help, we were very pleased. 
     - Kathy B.


If it wasn’t for your accurate estimation of the quality of this roof, my wife and I could have really incurred a substantial loss.  Thanks again, this has been a really good lesson for us.  
     - Tony P.


The reference manual and report your sent us is most informative. 
A very nice job! 
     - Bill S.


We appreciate your competence and the thoroughness with which you did the job. 
     - Marilyn D.


Thanks for the prompt service and thorough inspection. 
     - Michael U.

I was very pleased with your through inspection, and relieved to know the structure is sound.  Thanks. 
     - Mary Clare C.


This is a wonderful tool. 

     -Linda A.




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